• Brianna B Adams

Intimate wedding on a private Estate in the midst of a Pandemic

I can not say enough about this day. It was 5/23/2020, Memorial Day weekend. One of the busiest wedding weekends of the year. Brides postponing their weddings left and right. However, Court & Bryan decided to tie the knot anyway. They changed their original wedding plans to Plan B. Normally when we say Plan B when referring to a wedding, that means the "rain plan". Side note, the weather was absolutely superb!! Glorious weather on their day! (Always bury the Bourbon) Their Plan B was immediate friends and family to celebrate instead of a much larger guest and bridal party count.

One of my favorite photos is of Court tossing her bouquet to the only non-married lady there, Roxanne. It's just so cute. Usually everyone runs away from the bouquet toss but when you're wedding guest count is so small, there is no hiding :) I hope you enjoy the gallery!!

I hope you found plenty of Intimate wedding inspo here! So much love and laughter. I am so thankful I get to look back on this time in our lives and see these gorgeous photos to remind me of the brighter days during the Pandemic. So much love and wishes to this newlywed couple, Court and Bryan!!!


Photography: Jen Fariello

Planner: Adam Donovan-Groves

Hair Stylist: Brianna B Adams

Make up Artist: Rouge 9

Florist: Nature Composed

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