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10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me!

Hello world!!!

I am writing my first blog post. Like WHAT??

I wanted to have a space where I can openly talk about whats going on with me, my life, journeys, fashion, and of course HAIR! (Maybe a random pic of my sweet pup, too)

I know you're all currently on the edge of your seat wondering what these 10 things about me could be. Here they are!


1. I am a Leo. Yup! August 19th is my birthday. For me I celebrate all 19 days then on the 20th I am in full pumpkin mode. I would say that I definitely show the signs of a Leo/Virgo. Funny enough my Mom's bday is July, she is a Cancer, and my Fathers bday is in September. So I really get along with my parents and I can see things from both of their points of views. Pretty cool, huh? I am super into Zodiac's if you couldn't tell!

2. I was born in New Hampshire. A small town called Walpole! Its one of those things where I have to mention about 4 other towns near by when I tell people so they can get a general location. "yeah, its like 20 minutes from Keene". "Do you know Brattleboro VT? Well I was born in that hospital". lol

3. I went to AVEDA for cosmetology. I graduated from The St Pete location in 2006. It was one of the hardest 9 months but soo worth it. The program was 8am-4pm, 5 days a week. It was nearly impossible holding a job on top of that. It basically was a full time job. I left with my head feeling like mush every day. We didn't even touch a mannequin head until the 2nd semester. The mush really set in when we started the math and chemistry behind hair color. We had the best teachers and our graduation was unforgettable. We had a slide show of bts photos of us all in school being goofy and it played to Fergie's, Big Girls Don't Cry. Well we were all crying, sooooo...

I absolutely recommend AVEDA as your training if you are interested.

4. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and love craft beer too much. I could write a novel on this topic. With that being said I will save this for another post.

5. I am married! I married my wife Emmalie after being together for about 4 1/2 years! She proposed with her Grandmothers ring at Pippin Hill. We were married at Grand Hall Trump up in Charlottesville, Va. I had all of my vendor friends either creating my beautiful day or there with me to celebrate! Emmalie enlisted in the Coast Guard and went to boot camp about a week or so after our wedding. (hence the reason for the "mini-moon) We moved down here to Savannah, Ga where she was stationed. I mean, our first station was Tybee Island... thats insane good luck!

We had a Vespa for a getaway car!

6. I am pretty good at Darts, and semi decent at pool. My Dad and I played darts all throughout my childhood and he would have me as his teammate when we played against his friends! Solid Father-Daughter time! I never want to play pool when I don't have a drink in my hand so thats why I say I am semi decent at pool.

7. I LOVE to travel. I make it a point to just pick a spot and go.

I have been to The Bahamas twice. Once for my 30th bday and again for my wife's uncle's elopement. I went on a cruise to Bermuda for my 25th bday. Drove up to Cape Cod and stayed in Provincetown. I travel to Clearwater/Tampa all the time. I still have a very good friend who lives there. (Hi Angela!)

Let's see.. where else..? The Borgata in Atlantic City. Asheville North Carolina is a major fave. NYC for the holidays. Miami for our mini-moon! New Orleans for my bestie's bach. Cozumel! OBX! I'm always traveling to Virginia. A lot more but I'm blanking!

Fruity drinks in Half Moon Cay

I haven't been to the West Coast yet. Im nervous I will love to temp too much and never come back ;)

8. I own Mood & Muse Boutique! It is an accessories boutique for the dreamers, wild at heart, and the cool bride!

After making a ton of connections through the editorial bridal world, I was like "You know what? Im going to reach out to these designers from all of these styled shoots and see if they would be interested". And that was that! I was sick in bed one day in Feb and a lightbulb went off. ( I am never ok with just sitting and zoning out. I always need to be working on a project or my businesses.) So in bed, SICK, I reached out to all of these fab ladies.

I wanted to create an accessories boutique from designers all over the world who generally had the same vibe. So I hand picked pieces from their collections that all vibes together from robes, to hair adornments, to bridal party gifts! https://www.moodandmuse.com

9. The first salon I worked at in Philly was not a dream.

I worked in Philly!! I lived in South Jersey and worked in Rittenhouse for about 3 years. I took the train in ever day.

My first experience working in a salon in Philly was one for the books. I chose this extremely modern, fashion forward, salon to work at. I was more or less a shampoo girl after working full time behind the chair in a salon in Charlottesville for 3 years. They basically told me whatever I knew I had to forget because it was wrong. I would go home every night and cry. I was miserable there BUT what they did was a TON of education.

The head stylist was a platform artist from London and he. was. goooood. So when we weren't busy shampooing and cleaning, we were watching him work. Standing behind him with our hands behind our backs like soldiers. He didn't talk and neither did his clients.

It didn't work out in the end but while I was their I did classes with models and education. Cutting hair after they told me to wipe my brain was like relearning how to walk. I doubted everything. I took away so much knowledge that I implemented in the next salon and prospered! To this day I still don't talk when I work! haha

I ended up at an amazing AVEDA salon. And here is an old photo of me in the zone!

10. I really LOVE being a #bossbabe. I will always work for myself!

Well, there you are! 10 facts about me! If you have any requests for topics you want me to cover just let me know!!

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